Feeling Confident in your Appearance – Makeup

The biggest change in my skin happened when I stopped wearing face makeup. As
a confident boost, instead of caking on layers of foundation, powder, contour etc I put the focus on a different area of my face – the eyes. Now I have really thick eyebrows and to even that out so they didnt look so dominant I started wearing eyeliner. Over the years I’ve gone through stages of various thicknesses and styles of eyeliner that it’s sort of become my staple thing. Not bragging, but I do get compliments fairly often about my eyeliner because it is so big and thick and apparently even (lol its never even) but thats boosted my confidence in my appearance because people are complimenting my makeup and art skills, and with that attention drawn towards my eye makeup, the focus is taken off the rest of my face.
Now you may not be an eyeliner kind of person but if you find an area of your face that you like to be the focus, whether that be your eyes, lips, cheekbones, or whatever it may be, then enhance that area as much as you can or would like to, making sure it doesn’t look too dominant on your face, keep it looking good, trying to avoid the use of foundation, powder or concealer, and you could see changes in your skin while still keeping up the confidence.

Look #1:
Bronze/gold eyeshadow blended with dark brown in the outer corner and crease, and white in the inner corner.
This look focuses on bringing out the eyes and making them bright and draws attention to the easily applied but eye catching shades and long lashes.

Look #2
Darker, smokey shades of taupe and purple with winged liner.
The dark eyeshadow gives more of mysterious look and the eyeliner and white inner corner makes the look dramatic diverting attention from other areas of the face.

Look #3
Subtle eyes with dark lips
This look focuses on the lips making them a bold, dark colour standing out against the subtle eye makeup.


Look #4
Thick winged eyeliner with white eyeshadow in inner corners.
This is my everyday look because, as I said, i have very thick eyebrows so i focus on my eyes with dark wings. This is probably the most dramatic look of the four so it’s not for everybody but it does make me feel a lot more confident, as do the rest, when on the odd occasion, i go for a different look.

I hope these tips have helped some of you and that you now feel more confident in your own skin! I’ve found that by not covering up my flaws I’ve learnt to accept them, so hopefully you can too!

Not sure if this is necessary but hopefully it’s clear that I’m not suggesting that everyone has flaws or that people who wear face makeup have low/no self confidence, because I’m not, I believe everyone is perfect the way they are and you are free to do what you like , but I am aware that people like myself struggle with self esteem issues due to acne and/or general unhappiness with their image and while some people may wear makeup, particularly face makeup, because they enjoy the art of makeup and/or to boost their confidence, others wear it as a mask to cover what they don’t like about themselves. Here I wanted to reach out to those people and suggest ways of helping you accept your appearance when it can be very difficult sometimes.








15 thoughts on “Feeling Confident in your Appearance – Makeup

  1. Thanks for sharing these makeup looks! You know, I totally thought when I decided to stop wearing makeup that my acne would clear up.. guess what? It did not. At all lol. I don’t get it. I used to wear makeup every single day and now I haven’t worn it in literally 5 months, still have acne. Oh well 😦


    1. I know, I still have acne, it’s just got better for me since I stopped wearing foundation. Whenever I would wear it it would get really bad. I mean, everyone’s skin is different we’ve just got to accept and love our beautiful faces!


  2. I love look one and look two! Especially the first look- I also love how you’ve shared what products you’ve used at the bottom x


  3. These looks are gorgeous! I agree with you though , my skin improves if I don’t wear foundation. I’m one of those girls though who either wears no makeup except brows or lots of makeup , there’s no inbetween really! Xx


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