The New Pretty

The New Pretty
The New Pretty. What does that mean to you? When you think of The New Pretty what immediately comes to mind? Is it a trend that once was loved by many but now only by you? Is it a particular style where people who wear it get judged? For me, The New Pretty is something that the world has been avoiding to accept and refusing to allow to become a trend in the past. Recently however, people have become much more accepting and less judgmental towards what people wear and how everyone chooses to express and present themselves. Keep this little segment in mind as you continue to read…
Now you may be someone with quite a unique style who expresses their quirky self through fashion, or you may be a reserved individual who has a very simplistic, chic look, but whatever your style I can guarantee that you could rock some good ol’ dungarees.
I feel like dungarees are an every person thing, anyone could wear them and look amazing. They style well with repeat pattern prints, plain t shirts, baseball style shirts, striped button up shirts, crop tops, bandeau tops, and the list goes on. You can dress them up, you can dress them down, you can do what ya like with them and still look fabulous.
You don’t have to dress yourself up in diamonds and pearls in order to look “pretty”, in fact, you could walk straight into Topman, come out with a men’s striped t shirt and dungarees, throw them on and look absolutely beautiful. And that’s what I believe is the new pretty. Being able to wear what you feel comfortable wearing. Presenting yourself as you want to. Wearing the craziest, wackiest garments or the most plain, shapeless clothes just because that’s how you’re feeling that day. And simply not caring about what other people think of you. That is The New Pretty.







3 thoughts on “The New Pretty

  1. I love dungarees but unfortunately I don’t own a pair😅 and I love the title; I feel like people should be able to wear whatever they want and feel pretty without getting judged because they’re “out of style” or their outfit isn’t good enough

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