Fandoms and life as a professional fangirl

I feel like on this blog nobody really knows me. I write about beauty, fashion, advice and stuff (I mean can I really say that when I have 8 posts, probably not) and while those are interests of mine and what I enjoy writing about, that isn’t everything. There is so much more for me to share, and today I thought I would dive straight into the deep end and kickstart this idea by talking about something that is very relevant in my current personal life, yet quite out of place in terms of my blog: Fandoms.

I don’t know about you but fandoms are a big part of my life, just that obsessing over something so much that I spend hours in the middle of the night researching in way too much depth until I have hit the bottom of the fandom rabbit hole just does something for me. It fills that void of emptiness inside of me that’s thirsty for information on random things like a long lost relative of a celebrity, or drama about nothing caused by crazy fangirls of my favourite childhood band, or just absolutely everything there is to know about a TV show. But why does this void exist? Is it because we’re too bored with our own lives that we must invest an unhealthy amount of time into someone else’s? Or is it because (talking specifically about fandoms of fictional movies, TV programmes and characters etc) the fictional world is more exciting than the real world and we want to live in the fantasy universe that fictional stories portray? Whatever the reason may be, you can calm down a bit and be a casual fan, or get even more hyped and fall deeper down the rabbit hole, either way, do what makes you happy. If staying up til 4am reblogging endless amounts of images and gifs of your favourite celebrity/character/your otp on tumblr and taking online quizzes to see which character you would be or if they would date you makes you happy, then keep it up (altho maybe don’t stay up til 4am every night, that’s not good). Or if you’d rather be a casual, calm fan and just be super chill sipping a cup of tea, that’s fine too! You do what makes you happy.
How do I always end up just giving advice at the end of every blog post? I guess deep down I just want to help people who can relate to me (aww).

So why is this relevant to you Bethany one may question. The thing is, last night..and the night before…and the night before that, I spent hours researching this one person. Just one person, who has hardly any information about them on the Internet. I don’t even know what happened or what over took me, I just wanted to and needed to know everything about this person. When I put this into words it sounds kinda creepy, but be honest, we all do it (at least I hope  im not the only one). And the fact that there’s barely anything online about this person yet I managed to spend at least 3 nights researching them in depth makes me sound a bit weird doesn’t it? I don’t even know how I managed to do that, im just the queen of making something that would take only a few minutes to do, last hours. And this isn’t the first time this has happened. Oh no. Ive fallen down the dangerous trap of fandoms many times in my life. Here’s just a few examples from the past: I spent hours taking trivia and personality quizzes about One Tree Hill instead of doing homework (anyone else remember that show? It consumed my life I loved it so much), searched certain tags on tumblr that shall not be named and just scrolled through them deep into the night, watched too many fan edits of certain youtubers that I got addicted and transformed into a human trash can, watched fan edits of my otp of the time until I cried with jealously wanting a beautiful relationship like them, discovered a website dedicated to fandoms and spent unhealthy amounts of time on there, again, when I should have been doing homework. But do you know what? It was fun. I enjoyed being part of those fandoms, it was and still is an escapism from the troubles of real life.

So I hope I have helped some fellow trash cans out there, and maybe even some lost and confused people who beforehand had no idea what a fandom was.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different post. Let me know what you think to this style and topic and tell me about your thoughts and experiences with fandoms and which ones you’re a part of (if any). I quite liked this, I might keep it up and introduce more personal posts that look at a different side of me to the typical beauty and fashion loving girl.

Thank you for reading, see you again soon!

Update: I just spent an hour looking at the same picture of someone on different twitter and instagram accounts what is my life








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