January Favourites 2017

January is now over and with Christmas having just passed and having received many gifts that i have been using a lot recently (and loving) I feel like it’s the perfect time to look back on some of my favourite products of the month.


The Zoella Soak Opera shower cream has been my go to for shower gel and it works wonders on my skin. It’s a rather odd jelly-like texture but a lot goes a long way and it lathers up very quickly with a pleasant scent leaving my skin very smooth and smelling amazing.

For my face i have been using the Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub and the Clean & Clear advantage oil control cream wash. I have naturally very oily skin and the Clean & Clear cream wash has helped balance the oils in my skin and prevented spots. The Neutrogena scrub has also helped with spots and using both of them together leave my skin feeling clean and fresh every morning.


Continuing my morning routine I use Simple kind to skin protecting light moisturiser on my face and neck to give a smooth base for makeup and occasionally, when I have the time, I have been using The Body Shop frosted cranberry body butter. This leaves a silky smooth sheen on my skin and a beautiful scent that lasts all day so I can smell of delicious cranberries from morning til night.

For removing makeup at the end of the day i have been using the new Simple kind to skin dual effect eye makeup remover. I wear a heavy amount of liquid eyeliner and mascara everyday and I have been looking for a makeup remover that will remove all of my eye makeup and this one does exactly that! With just one cotton pad I can dab off all of my eye makeup without having to rub or pull at my eyes which I usually have to do to get it all off and results in sore red eyes, this however removes makeup without the need of rubbing so is perfect for me!

A scent that i have been loving is the Zoella Let’s Spritz! body mist as it has a very pure, bright scent and although it’s quite summery, I have been loving it in the winter as it reminds me of the sweetness and freshness of summer.


Moving onto makeup, now I only use drugstore products because I can’t afford high end brands but I’m a strong believer of drugstore makeup being as good as i need my makeup to be and I don’t feel that I need to spend a lot on makeup, especially as it’s not a necessity for me. For priming my face I’ve been using the Loreal Infallible Mattifying Base primer which provides a smooth surface for my face makeup and keeps it lasting all day.

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (apologies for the writing being rubbed off the bottle) works really well for concealing dark circles and blemishes. It blends well into the skin and the Loreal primer holds it in place all day. For my face, I only use concealer and no foundation or powder as I tend to go over the top with it and completely cake my face in foundation which isn’t good for my skin or my self esteem and learning to accept my face as it is, so concealer just lightly covers up any blemishes and makes me look more awake giving me the small confidence boost I need in my appearance.

For eyebrows I have been using the Collection eyebrow kit in Blonde. I am a brunette however the two brown shades work together to achieve my natural brow colour rather than the dark brown almost black shades in the Brunette kit. This kit comes with three powders which stay on fairly well throughout the day, a small angled brush and a clear brow mascara (mine has gone brown from the powder) which locks the hairs in effectively.

Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express waterproof mascara gives my eyelashes loads of volume and length making them stand out against and above my thick eyeliner, something that is difficult to achieve without false lashes.

Other Maybelline products I have been using a lot are the Colour Tattoo 24 Hour cream eyeshadows. My favourite shades are On & On Bronze and Leather Effect Vintage Plum which I tend to wear just on their own when in a rush and don’t have time for my usual full on dramatic eyeliner wings.

I’m not a common user of lip products but as soon as I saw Tanya Burr using her Martha Moo Matt Liquid Lipstick in YouTube videos, I fell in love and had to get it. However, I only managed to do so in January as it has been constantly sold out! But to make up for the lack of use beforehand, I have been wearing it almost everyday and loving it. It doesn’t dry your lips, the shade goes with any look and is perfect for any occasion, plus, it smells great – what more could you want in a lipstick?


Gingerbread hand cream…hmmm…I wasn’t too sure on gingerbread scented items when I first saw this but boy does this hand cream smell good! I mean, what better way to start the day than with deliciously-gingerbread scented, moisturised hands.
Unfortunately, as this product was part of a limited range, it is no longer in stock.

Now I enjoy a nice scented candle, Midnight Jasmine to be precise. They add a certain vibe to my room that just makes me feel calm and at peace, with the beautiful scent hitting me as I enter the room.


This outfit has been a favourite this past month with it’s warm tones and soft, comforting fabrics making me feel snug and content in this season’s very cold weather. None of these items exist in the shops anymore but it’s pretty basic and simple so easy to recreate.







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