Why Be Normal?

Why Be Normal?

I usually have a very boring, simple style with what I wear but Lazy Oaf has recently been a brand I have been loving. The quirkiness and individuality their clothes bring reveal the weird but wonderful side of me. The embroidered quotes and images and unique silhouettes are what draws my attention to the clothes. I love that even though I’m a fairly boring person with the least exciting style, I think I could pull it off and still feel comfortable – something that tends not to happen with me.

The quotes that I added to this set reflect how this style makes me feel, because, Why Be Normal? Normal is boring (says me, with the least creative style anyone could have). And although it’s a bit weird, not gonna lie, I do love it and it’s creativity.

I view everyday things in life as art, not just what they are. Particularly with clothes and other man made things, I like to appreciate the ideas behind the garments and the time and effort gone into designing and making them. I always see fashion as a form of art rather than just essential items that everyone needs. The art in Lazy Oaf clothes is something you don’t see often in shops or out and about, it shows that everyone has a wacky side to them (and you can show that off and be super comfy at the same time) and you shouldn’t be afraid to share that with the world through your appearance, something that I may not practice, but do strongly believe in.








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