Winter Walks

On this beautiful frosty afternoon, my sister and I went for a walk around the village Castle Acre. The weather was too enticing for us to say no to a stroll, so off we went!



Castle Acre is a small historic village in Norfolk with a church, small high street, a few houses, a Castle and a Priory. The traditional cottages and country roads give the picturesque place a cute and quaint atmosphere. Growing up, I used to visit Castle Acre quite frequently as I lived not too far away from it, so revisiting is always a fun and nostalgic mini adventure with my family where we remember good memories together.

We went at just the right time today, during sunset, although the sky was just a light blue in most directions, but looking in the right way, it was a beautiful mix of colours with the sun low and beaming in yellows and oranges over the Castle and Priory ruins.

My sister took me to the church and graveyard to show me where our great grandparents were buried and told me a little bit of history on our family. I find it so mesmerising that my grandparents and both their parents all grew up in the same village living only across the road from each other and working in shops that have now been turned into houses or tea rooms. It’s a completely different world and lifestyle now than it was all those years ago. I’m not usually one for having an interest in history but I don’t mind knowing the odd background story of some people and places, especially when it’s my family tree, it’s always fascinating to know where and who you come from.

Anyway, our explore of the church grounds was nice and pleasant with the cold crisp air and sun peering through the trees, just the way I like my winters.


My favourite place to visit in Castle Acre has always been the Castle itself. The Motte and Bailey Castle ruins and grounds is perfect for an afternoon walk. The hills to climb and paths to follow make it a scenic and great place to get some fresh air and exercise, or, for younger ones, it’s perfect for exploring and testing your stamina by racing up and down the hills with friends as that is what I used to do every time I would visit.


Our next stop was the Priory, an English Heritage site of artistic ruins. We didn’t go fully inside the ruins, just walked around the outside as it costs to go in and it was starting to get dark.


I don’t know about you but I find ruins very artistic and aesthetically pleasing with the architectural shapes and structures of that remained. I tend to look past the history of the building and take a deeper look at the shapes and form. I guess it’s part of being a (kind of) artist. With every inch of movement you make, what you see changes. The shadows, lines, shapes, tones – it all looks different from every possible angle. And when you take a closer look, the detail in the construction of the buildings can be remarkable.

To end our mini adventure, we took a stroll through the village down the narrow, windy roads looking at the houses and cute cottages, being careful not to slip on the frosty paths.








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